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Blooming Canopy

These two small trees Katuray and Moringa make a beautiful blooming modified-canopy in the fall on the Northern Gulf Coast.  Katuray and Moringa have very different growing requirements, however. 

While both Moringa and Katuray enjoy hot humid summers and long growing daylight, one will freeze down and re-sprout in the spring being adaptable to our sub-tropical climate; however, the other will wither at the first rumors of frost. 

The two can, however, be encouraged to bloom simultaneously with a little planning. 


Blooming Canopy strategy:

  1. The Moringa is a perennial tree/shrub in the northern Gulf coast climate zone.  It could take a couple/three years to mature the root system enough to produce a 15 foot Moringa in one growing season.  To produce a canopy tree in one season with existing root, remember to only allow ONE trunk to mature.  This will require “pruning/pinching) back any side branching to “push” the central trunk.
  2. The Katuray in contrast will only grow annually in this climate zone.  But, it can grow fast; possibly reaching 15 – 20 feet if given favorable conditions : sun!  Appears to do well in the rich soils of the Luna Hill Forest facing south.  It is reported to be drought tolerant. 
  3. With the 2-3 year old Moringa pushing one 15 – 20 trunk and the Katuray pushing the 1 year 15 – 20 foot sapling, they both should arrive as a dramatic blooming tropical canopy by late September / October.

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