Forest Gardening is not survivalist or survivalism. 

Forest gardening is Values-driven (RSD) Responsible Systems Design Maturity-level 3 (Optimizing). 

Forest Gardening at Luna Peak Food Forest is a VDD micro-local business model seeking to improve and optimize the RSD Food Security design layers:

Sustainability, Survivability, Adaptation and Resilience.


Good Question.  Evaluating using forum to discuss gardener successes and “lesson’s learned”.  Any comments to that idea?

I believe a good first question to ask is if you are desiring to open the canopy by removing live oak.  My first gut feel is that the answer should be evaluated in the context of the greater good of the larger forest and it’s function. 

In the heights, live oak was timbered out and mostly quick-growing laurel oak allowed to regrow for shade.  Currently these trees are reaching topped out age and are dropping all over the heights — live oak would have another couopl hundred years.  This not only offers the heights the opportunity to replace these trees with forest garden varieties, it avoids the live oak question. 

So if the live oak will remain, what grows as a perrenial under that much shade must be answered.

Please comment with any preliminary information for this landscaping profile:

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