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(Curcuma longa)

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Turmeric is a great plant to help create that tropical landscape look.  Planted under the modified canopy seen here between papaya, chaya an moringa the plant enjoys the forest opening above yet shaded around.  The three two-year old plants shown above live comfortably within this 20×20 forest community plot. 

Turmeric in this plot occupies an under-story,  shrub placement (root crop) sharing canopy (fruit crop) additional shrub (leaf crop) and, vining (leaf crop). The plants shown in the forest plot above are two years old and produce abundantly offering harvest and replant for next years crop. 

Edible parts of turmeric are the root (rhyzome) fresh and dried.  Turmeric is described through many cultures as useful in cuisine, health and medicine

My first experience with this delightful spice was while traveling in Morocco.  My favorite is Chicken Tagine).  I like the way the chicken fat component softens and elevates the dry-sharp sensation of unaccompanied turmeric. 


Luna Peak Adaptation Notes: Another easy plant to grow in the coastal gulf climate zone. 

RSD Design Layer Integration

Sustainability:  The turmeric plant is highly attractive as a tropical-zone landscape element.  The turmeric bloom adds to the landscaping value and seasonal interest. Turmeric does not directly contribute to GMD performance.  However it sure makes the meals taste good!  

Survivability:  Rhizomes are available in all seasons at Luna Peak and grow without external electric or irrigation utility dependence. This plant is hardy in sub-tropical coastal gulf and easy to grow.  It thrives in the hot and humid northern Gulf coast and is tolerant of subtropical-level cold and freeze experienced here. 

Adaptation: Improves living standard food mile performance.  Turmeric can act as a bridge spice:  Adopting turmeric as a values-added culinary and nutrition ingredient adds interest to known recipes.  As well, turmeric introduces adoption of other unfamiliar vegetables that are also well adaptable to this climate zone and are globally paired with turmeric. 

Resilience: Recovery from catastrophic wind is certain.  Turmeric seems fairly tolerant of short duration of drought.  Climate change threat should be minimal at this location into the 22nd century.